Expansion Vessels

Expansion Vessels

Expansion Vessels with fixed and replaceable balloon membrane for potable water,
closed heating systems and solar heating systems


Expansion vessels, pressure tanks, plate heat exchangers and boilers (puffers): our wide and complete set of products, spare parts, accessories.


Quality solutions for all volumes: this is the traditional slogan of Varem, that has seen the company during the year in its develop and has seen it during the consolidation of the complete, modular, flexible range. The slogan shows this attitude openly. However Varem went further on, of course, as it's set in a dynamic, competitive market. At the same time, Varem expanded the items in the tanks range and developed new ranges, ensuring a qualitative strenghtening.
Varem lies in the solar market, works together in the technological race with expansion vessels even more suitable for the solar plants.

Varem experimented during the years some new product typologies and now become consolidated in plate heat exchangers (basic devices for energy saving) and boilers, main part of the thermal plants renewable energies-based.

Expansion vessels for heating systems                                                 Expansion vessels for solar heating systems

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Expansion Vessels


Production lines: Expansion vessels
Varem s.p.a. has a flexible production to satisfy the customer requirements on several market areas in Italy, UE and worldwide. Our product ranges:
Expansion vessels
Extravarem LR - CE CE pressure tanks with fixed membrane
Starvarem LR - CE CE pressure tanks with fixed diaphragm membrane
Maxivarem LR - CE CE pressure tanks with rechangeable membrane
Solarvarem - CE Ce pressure tanks with membrane for high temperatures for solar and oil plants
Flatvarem Pressure tanks for boilers

Extravarem LC -
Extrapiu" - CE
Multifunction tanks for boilers, heating systems, pumps
Maxivarem LC - CE High capacity pressure tanks for hot and cold water.

Intervarem - CE CE water tanks for potable water booster systems
Idrovarem - CE CE water tanks for booster systems
Maxivarem LS - CE CE autoclaves with rechangeable membrane for booster systems (up to 2000 lt.)
Zincvarem - CE CE galvanized tanks for potable water
Inoxvarem - CE CE tanks on stainless steel AISI 304 for booster systems
Plusvarem Autoclaves with rechangeable membrane for fire protection systems
Osmovarem - CE CE tanks for filtration systems

Platevarem Rechangeable plate heat exchangers.

Thermovarem Boilers for water and renewable energies plants.

Membranes Spare membranes
Spare parts Spare parts
Accessories Accessories
Gaskets / Plates Gaskets and plates for plate heat exchangers 

The quality of Varem's products is also proved by the certifications gained according to the current norms in Italy, UE and worldwide.











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